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All You Need Is Kill
Hiroshi Sakurazaka
The Two Towers
J.R.R. Tolkien
The Society of the Spectacle
Guy Debord, Donald Nicholson-Smith
Les Misérables
Victor Hugo, Norman MacAfee, Lee Fahnestock

Art History, Revised Second Edition, Volume II

Art History, Volume II [with CD-ROM] - Marilyn Stokstad, David Cateforis, Stephen Addiss Basically what you'd expect when you hear the words "art history textbook": dry, boring, too many names and dates and not nearly enough political/social/historical context to explain why the particular works are significant. This really only covers Western art history and skims over the rest of the world with multiple cultures crammed in only a few chapters while the sections on Western movements (comprising 95% of the book) include a lot of unnecessary details (eg. gossip-y minutia about the artists' lives).