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The Lost Prince - Julie Kagawa An ok read with plenty of flaws. On the bright side, Julie Kagawa totally delivers on the things I was expecting her to-- fantastic world building and fast-paced adventure. She reveals lots of interesting new elements in the Faerie world, and even some familiar parts of Faerie such as the Iron kingdom, get an update, and this should have made this journey into the Nevernever feel fresh and exciting. However, much of the storyline felt like a rehash of The Iron King in terms of the way the story plays out, and the book ended without any real climax. Kagawa is also at her weakest when writing scenes that take place in school. Like in the previous Iron Fey books, whenever there's a school scene in The Lost Prince, Kagawa relies on cliches and stereotypes-- Ethan as the new kid who doesn't fit in and gets into a fight with jock-type characters, attracting a super popular girl, etc... Too predictable.