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Wasteland - Francesca Lia Block Exquisite writing, such lyrical prose without seeming try-hard or overwrought. I liked the POV changes, and it was only far into the book when I realized the italicized ones were Lex and flipped back to the beginning to reread parts. And then at the end, when I realized Lex's POV and Marina's later on, after the revelation of Rose-in-May, were in writing. At least I think they were written. I think this is what happened and it's my personal interpretation, though Francesca Lia Block only hints, slowly unravelling her tale but never quite showing you the full thing.

I feel like the ending was such a cop-out. The interesting part about writing about taboos is that they are taboos, and to suddenly reveal that one of them was secretly adopted at the end just feels like cheating. Still, Marina says that it wouldn't have made a difference, because they started out as brother & sister and would always be, that doesn't change, but if that's what the author wanted to say in her book then why didn't she keep them as actual blood-siblings? She could have at least played more on the 'what could have been' and the turmoil of that, but she didn't! And the ending is somewhat of a happy end for Marina but I can't help feeling like she ended up with the wrong guy. I don't know, for a book like this, I feel like I want a depressing ending, I don't want her to be with West-- it's horrible but I want her to be alone and West to be crushed because he never had a chance to start with. I just feel like it suits the book better that way.