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Deadly Little Secret  - Laurie Faria Stolarz This was a really unexpected book for me. I was wary of the premise (a girl is inexplicably drawn to the mysterious new boy in school-- where have we heard that one before?) but decided to read it anyway, being seduced by the gorgeous cover (which by the way, I feel has little to do with the book).

I say unexpected because this turned out to be somewhat of a horror/suspense novel-- rather than focusing on romance, the main character receives suspicious messages and phone calls, and every few chapters we get a journal entry from the perspective of her stalker. In terms of suspense, creepiness and intrigue, the author definitely delivered. I kept changing my guess as to who the stalker was right up until the end.

Unfortunately, everything else in the book fell a bit flat. Camelia was only interesting as a main character due to the mysterious things that kept happening to her, her two best friends Kimmie and Wes annoyed me with their "witty" banter every time they showed up, and her romance with Ben was lukewarm at best. I really don't understand why they fell for each other or what they see in each other. The characters and relationships were never really explored in more depth, which made this book feel more like a cheap B-movie/made-for-tv thriller with very little substance.