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Never Let Me Go - Kazuo Ishiguro This is such a hauntingly beautiful and sad and intriguing tale.

The main strength of the book was how understated everything was. The narration was just a character describing the everyday ins and outs of her life so you could really feel just how deeply and fully they had accepted their fate, like it was hardly anything worth speaking about. It is a lot like how each of us accepts that one day we'll die. Certainly, Kathy and her friends have much shorter lives and limited freedoms, but they way they accept their fate without question is the same. The question that is left, then, is how that limited time is spent.

Here, the book touches on another subject, the missed opportunity for love. Again, this deals with time, and I get the feeling that Ishiguro is saying that there is a short time frame for love to happen, and Kathy and Tommy never quite get their timing right. All of this makes for a very tragic, but nevertheless wonderful, story.

It seems like a lot of people who have read the book really wanted the characters to fight back against their fate but I think that would have ruined it entirely. I feel like the point of the story was not about the characters needing to realize and resist their own tragic situation, but rather about how they learn to accept it and live their lives.