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The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill - L.J. Smith I'm a little torn between giving this a 3 or 4. On one hand, the concept is interesting and well-executed, the female lead is a strong character who undergoes a lot of growth through the book, and the story was simply compelling. On the other hand, aside from Jenny and Julian, all the characters were boring stereotypes who only had the most shallow development at the end, and they were supposedly so important to Jenny but it was difficult to see why. The story is fast-paced and there are things happening in every chapter which kept my attention, but at the same time, it left little room for the author to delve deeper into her characters and flesh them out. Particularly in the first book, "The Hunter", I felt that the characters get over their nightmares too quickly and easily. Although L.J. Smith is great at creating a sense of horror, I didn't really feel the characters' pain, struggles and triumphs. I thought the ending was predictable, it being the only logical way that I could see to resolve the love triangle, but it was still satisfying to read.