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When Food Is Love: Exploring the Relationship Between Eating and Intimacy - Geneen Roth Geneen Roth has a lot of guts. I say this because it takes a lot of guts to share the things that she does in this book-- her feelings towards food, towards herself, towards her relationships. Seriously, some of the incidents she describes had me cringing with secondhand embarrassment and agony. But that is also why I like this book. Roth is brave to be so open and honest about her issues and this book will definitely resonate for those with an unhealthy relationship with food and eating. I do think it is a little thin though, and wish it went into more detail. A lot of the information here won't be anything new if you've already read some material (books or online) on binge-eating/compulsive eating, but it's insightful to read about a woman's real, personal journey through it.