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With Caution - J.L. Langley It turns out my library actually has a small selection of paperback M/M titles and this was one of them and I thought, oh, isn't this author one of the ones the M/M group raves about? So I decided to read it, despite it being the 3rd of a series (actually, it wasn't that hard to get what was going on, since each book seems to focus on a different couple) and well, it was just ok. I think the problem is that if you put aside the sex scenes (of which there were a lot, and were really boring, repetitive... I basically skipped all of them), the plot was not all that interesting.

The conflict between the main characters was resolved a little too easily, especially when one of the two was apparently very homophobic in the previous book. I also don't get why he's immediately so submissive to the other one (especially since he was abused before). The author explains this as a werewolf thing, but her werewolf mythology isn't really developed well and she seems to use it to her convenience in order to explain stuff that she can't find other explanations for. I also get the sense that she probably hasn't researched that much about actual wolves.

I ended up trying to read the previous two in the series, and found them rather cringe-inducing. I don't think this series is for me.

On a positive note, though, I did like how the two brothers cared so much about each other and looked out for each other. It was very sweet and their relationship was a lot more fun and interesting than the actual couple!