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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince  - J.K. Rowling The worst book of the series by far. If I wanted to read about the tangled love lives of teenagers, I would have picked up Gossip Girl instead. The romantic plot lines were not interesting in the least and certainly added little to the overall story. Interspersed between these romantic entanglements were Harry's lessons with Dumbledore, which are meant to prepare him to face Voldemort but is really just Rowling's way of telling Voldemort's backstory. It seemed like she forgot to mention it sometime during the previous five books and so decided to cram it all into this one in preparation for the last book. What should have been an interesting look at the great villain of the series was really only a history of the character's life and offered little insight on him. I would have liked to know just why he was so evil, what makes him tick, what are his motivations, what is his purpose in doing what he does, and so on. (Just making Tom Riddle an evil kid who wants power is a lazy way to write a villain.) What happened to the magic, the adventure, and the sense of wonder that made the first half of this series good? The fifth book was disappointing, but this one was just downright awful.