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The Heart of Texas - R.J. Scott This is a soap opera in book form. The many plot twists (lies and betrayal! family secrets! dark pasts!) should have made this book interesting but halfway through I started getting really bored. I think there was just too much going on, too many plot threads, that there was little room for much character development and when I don't have a firm grasp on the characters, I don't care about them and I stop enjoying the book. I really think the author bit off more than she can chew. The main plot, a marriage of convenience between the sons of two feuding families, offers enough material for a whole novel. By adding in subplots involving their families, the focus was taken away from developing the relationship between the main characters so that when they finally admit their feelings for each other, it seems forced because we haven't seen enough of their interactions to know why they fell for each other. Physical attraction is one thing, but their progress from antagonizing each other to exchanging "I love you"s was far too fast to be realistic. The multiple plotlines were not handled that well either. The conflicts didn't feel that real and were resolved too easily. Everything tied together in the end for the required happy ending, since this is a romance novel, but it wasn't at all satisfying to read.

The author has a solid writing style, though it tends toward telling, rather than showing. I would have liked a more focused story that has less plot twists and melodrama. This one was alright during the first half, and then it got bogged down with too many elements (subplots, characters) that none of them were developed fully.