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Nevermore  - Kelly Creagh This is one of those books where the blurb on the back totally gives away important parts of the plot that don't really come in until closer to the end of the book. The last 150 pages or so were pretty intense but everything leading up to it was typical, uninspired, petty high school drama, which didn't even make sense half the time.

I like that the main boy and girl didn't fall for each other right away, but I have no clue why Varen would be interested in Isobel. She pretty much left him to do all the work for their English project and didn't really treat him like a normal person because he was so different from her and because of some rumours she heard about him... I guess the coolest thing she did was stand up for him in front of her friends. But after that, she just becomes kind of helpless and flounders about for a while until the last 150 pages where the action picks up.

Overall, I'm fairly disappointed. This book got such great reviews and has a great premise (Poe, dreams coming to life, pretty awesome right?) but instead of really focusing on that, the author wrote about cheerleaders and jocks versus goths (boring). But I do kind of want to read the next book because it looks like it'll focus more on the paranormal elements and, of course, I'm completely intrigued by Varen.