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Demonglass - Rachel Hawkins I actually liked this one a little better than the first book. Although most of the same problems from Hex Hall also occur in this one, namely underdeveloped characters and plot, and poor world-building, there was a little more depth in this book. There are a couple of surprising plot twists and the storyline is overall a little more complex. I liked the humour better this time around too; it relied less on pop culture references and the sarcasm wasn't so constant that it became annoying. The first half of the book was rather lackluster, mostly because not much was really happening. I didn't find Nick and Daisy all that interesting, and the (practically non-existent) love triangle was too forced. Really, what was the point of even writing Cal into the book? He was mostly useless (except for some healing here and there, which could have been a power given to another character, and then we wouldn't have had that useless love triangle that wasn't really a love triangle).