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The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Torn between giving this a 3 or 4. On one hand, I really liked this one. There was action, adventure, romance, a cast of memorable characters.. It was very entertaining! On the other hand, some of the plot events were stupid and unnecessary (the winter prom) and Meghan's character was totally inconsistent-- she becomes smart, stupid, strong, or weak, depending on what is necessary to move the plot forward. There is a little too much reliance on Grimalkin to save the gang every time something goes wrong or when they can't figure out the problem in front of them. Despite all these flaws, I still really enjoyed this book. It was non-stop action, never boring, and although I still don't quite understand the romance between Ash and Meghan, they have great chemistry together. The obligatory love triangle rears its head in this one, but it doesn't feel forced (although I do wonder what the guys see in Megan-- she's not a horrible character by any means, but she's not particularly memorable either; she's just a normal, somewhat immature, human girl). I like that the book doesn't spend that much time focusing on the love triangle; Meghan has bigger problems than which boy she chooses. Again, the book wraps things up at the end, and there's no horrible cliffhanger, but but there are enough questions to intrigue you to read the next one. Which I will definitely be doing!