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Dead Beautiful - Yvonne Woon I only picked this up because I liked the cover and really wasn't expecting much. True to my initial impressions, this book is a fairly typical YA paranormal story. A human girl has some tragic things happen to her, enrolls in a new school, and meets a mysterious and alluring not-quite-human boy. They fall in love and then for whatever reason, discover that they can't be together.

The only interesting twist is the inclusion of classical philosophy in the mythology behind the supernatural elements. Descartes' ideas about life and death form the basis of the mythology, although the book doesn't go into much detail about it and the author clearly takes a lot of artistic liberties in fitting his ideas into her tale. Nonetheless, I thought this was an interesting approach to the YA paranormal genre, and enjoyed reading about it. I'm curious enough to read the next book in the series, and really hoping that the author will continue to use classical philosophy in the storyline.