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The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa Best of the series so far, I think. This is truly Meghan's book. She really grows in this one (although it's happens a bit suddenly and isn't all that well explained). She actually had somewhat of a personality and I really liked her in this one. Her romance with Ash is sweet, although sometimes their conversations become too sweet and overly sappy. The whole knight thing was overkill, in my opinion. I think the concept of it is just so ridiculous and lol-worthy, even though I know Julie Kagawa meant it to be romantic. But even worse, after making his vow, Ash becomes totally needy and insecure and moody, which was so annoying! So while Meghan gains a personality in this book, Ash totally loses his (not that he had much of one before) and his whole existence revolves around being overprotective of Meghan as if she's a delicate little flower and then getting pissed off when she proves she isn't. Ugh. His behaviour is explained at the end, and it is an acceptable explanation (and, I think, adds some depth to his character), but I was pretty annoyed with him for much of this book. Also, LOL, he pulls an Edward Cullen and says, “You are my heart, my life, my entire existence.” This had me rolling.

Puck was also really annoying with his jabs at Meghan and Ash's romance. I think it was meant to show him as accepting Meghan's choice of Ash over himself, but to me it just seemed like he was kind of a bitter, sore loser. Also, regarding the love triangle, how irritating was it that Kagawa had Puck go and profess his undying love for Meghan even though she was already with Ash and he basically had no chance? It's not romantic to be in an unrequited love with your best friend forever. Even Puck confesses it'll never be enough for him, yet he'll always be by her side. That kind of thing will just build resentment inside of him until he starts hating her. This is clearly just Julie Kagawa's fantasy of having two hot fey boys in love with the same girl, forever. And so Meghan basically gets both of them, gets everything she wants from them, without really sacrificing anything, while poor Puck keeps getting the shaft.

Now, let's talk about that ending. It was a perfect and perfectly melodramatic ending for this kind of cheesy but entertaining series. Well actually, the series isn't finished, but I wouldn't mind if it ended here in all honesty. I do have a soft spot for Ash, but I dunno, I guess I like bittersweet endings where people don't get to have everything they want, not even the person they love, but they can still be happy and have hope. But of course, I'm so excited to read The Iron Knight!

(Also, are we ever going to learn Meghan's True Name? It seemed like a really important thing that's connected to her powers in the first book but it hasn't been mentioned again since then. And where did Titania go as well? She wasn't there during the war while Oberon and Mab were.)