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スキキライ好き [新装版] (フラワーコミックススペシャル)

スキキライ好き [新装版] (フラワーコミックススペシャル) - 小畑 友紀 A cute and fairly realistic shoujo manga. Hitomi has a crush on her classmate Miyamoto, a somewhat immature but ultimately kind-hearted guy. As their class prepares for their middle school graduation, Hitomi is encouraged by her friends to confess her feelings to him. Naturally, things don't go quite as planned, and the two enter high school with Miyamoto ignorant of Hitomi's feelings. There's also an extra one-shot at the end called "23:55 I love you" chronicling the story of Saho, who makes a vow to spend New Year's Eve with the guy she likes.

Obata has a very light and simple art style; she uses lines and textures very sparingly compared to other shoujo manga which makes for nice, clean panels where the focus is on the characters' expressions. Unfortunately, the characters all seem to be limited to just a few facial expressions each, mostly switching between muted surprise and dismay for the girls, and boredom or smugness for the boys. Obata could also use some variety in her character designs. The lead couple in both stories have such similar hairstyles that it would have been hard to tell them apart if they weren't in two separate stories. I had trouble differentiating between some of the minor characters as well.

The stories themselves are pretty typical of shoujo manga-- mostly, the male love interests are nice but completely clueless as the girls pine after them and fumble through failed attempts to get the boys' attentions, while not realizing that the guys are already noticing them in other ways. The characterizations are standard archetypes-- the guys are always fairly popular and the girls are shy wallflowers. All in all, a decent read but not something that I would revisit.